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eBook DRM: Literally The Worst

When it comes to buying books for the most part I still prefer the dead tree variety. I find them easier to hold and easier to read than something digital. Plus, I still get the warm-and-fuzzies from the concept of having a large personal library… though as someone planning to move, that outlook may change sometime within the year. The one exception to my preference of physical books are technical ones; I generally find having something digital is better for 1. Read more →

Logitech and the Best Worst Support

After a harrowing experience, I’ve reached the conclusion that Logitech takes extremely good care of their customers, but they couldn’t be more terrible about the way they handle it. It’s easily the best worst support I’ve ever received from a company. I’ve been a trackball fan since college when, after playing entirely too much Quake, I started to develop a bit of wrist pain. I switched to only using a mouse when playing games and using trackballs for everything else. Read more →

ProtonMail Sale

Black Friday is typically the time where I try to stay inside, mass delete whatever spam email I’m getting about sales, and ride out the “BUY ALL THE THINGS!!!” consumerism that runs rampant. Some people love Black Friday; they want to jump out into the massive lines at stores in the middle of the night and trample other people to save a few bucks on a TV or something. If that’s your jam I have nothing against you… but you have fun with that while I’m sitting at home warm, comfortable, and relaxed. Read more →

Java Episode 0: Let’s Do This

Programming is hard. It’s frustrating. It takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication to really learn what the hell you’re doing. I’ve been interested in programming since I first saw my cousin write the world’s shittiest Batch script on my family’s Windows 95 machine, though having just started elementary school meant I didn’t do anything about that interest for a (relatively) long time. I took a C++ class in high school many years later that seemed fun, but we didn’t really get into the meat of coding; I don’t think we even covered functions in the class before it was over. Read more →

Plum Nano 75

Being something of an admitted keyboard snob, I’ve owned my fair share of mechanical keyboards. From old school buckling springs (I rescued an IBM Model M from storage at work a couple of years back) to newer Cherry MX switches (I’ve had multiple boards with Cherry MX Reds and MX Browns), I’ve yet to experience the alleged glory that is typing on Topre switches. A sort of hybrid between mechanical and rubber dome switches, they’re often coined as “electrocapacitive” switches. Read more →

SDF 30th Anniversary Stickers

If you happened to be unaware, it’s the 30th anniversary of SDF! I joined SDF back in December 2013 when someone at work made a shell account there in order to quickly test something outside of our network. I decided to check it out, spending some time playing with shell scripts and chatting with people in COM. I still remember first setting up my account and hopping into COM from my netbook at a local coffee shop. Read more →

Configuring Belkin Router DNS Servers

Given the fact that I like to be cheap, I regularly augment my home network by collecting the runoff from coworkers when they replace hardware in their own setups. For example, my Motorola modem is a DOCSIS 2 unit I was given by a coworker a few years ago when he upgraded to a DOCSIS 3 modem in order to take advantage of his newly raised 100 Mbps download speeds. Given that I live in hell and my maximum throughput is less than what’s supported by DOCSIS 2, I haven’t felt compelled to spend money replacing it yet. Read more →

Compiling Your Own Site != Free Of Dependencies

This title is terrible, but I couldn’t come up with anything witty. When I switched from a more “traditional” blogging platform like Wordpress or Blogger to compiling my own blog (first with Jekyll and then with Hugo, which is what I’m currently using for this site), I was geeked with the idea that my content was no longer “trapped” in the platform I was using. For example, my posts weren’t beholden to Wordpress, only usable with a Wordpress instance. Read more →

Nano Syntax Highlighting

I recently decided that I should look into some syntax highlighting for nano. I know, I know, using nano is generally considered to be masochistic, and the majority of the time I greatly prefer to use vim was my editor of choice. For Markdown in particular, though, I prefer to author content in nano; I’ve found that writing longer, single-line content (e.g. these blog posts) is a bit clunky for me in vim. Read more →

Random Pokemon Terminal Greeting

Being a Reddit junkie with nothing but mountains of free time, I see a lot of really cool desktop setups over on /r/unixporn. Last week, I saw someone’s setup that included some pretty adorable Pokemon shell output. Naturally, I started looking up some different ways to accomplish the same thing myself. The OP eventually shared his setup, which is just hard-coded to output the 3 starting Pokemon from the original games. Read more →